A person can bring the crap game to his favor if he practices the dice holding technique thoroughly. Long practicing schedule can give the person good authority on dice rolling technique. Dice setting is an important thing to remember before mastering the throwing technique. The player must never concentrate on the face value of the upper portion of the dice. He must rather see the numbers showing nice facing towards each other on the inside of the two dices held together. One must keep an eye on this setting, as he cannot control the dice-rotating factor in the air. The outcome of the dice can be different from the inner and outer numbers. One must spend some quality time to learn the proper setting of the dice. It will give him an extra edge over the other players.

One must remember that the numbers in one die is red and in another die is blue in color. The player having both dices with 6 and 1 facing each other cannot have the craps numbers like 2, 3, 11 or 12. If he happens to be a rhythm roller or a blanket roller he can get his points or a number 7 winning amount. His possibility to lose on a come out roll is completely nullified. One can certainly face two different combinations face to face while holding two dice to alter the odds of the game. This can be properly explained with the following examples. If the person wishes to get a point 4, he should place the red colored 6 or 1 face to face with blue colored 4 or 3. Here he can win the odds in even opportunity in place of 2:1 payout. Another case can be explained by this example. If the player wants to gain points 5 or 9, he should place the red colored 6 or 1 against 5 or 2. In this case also the player can manipulate the 3:2 odd chances to his favor of even chances. He can also try for making 6 or 8 points by placing the red colored numbers 6 or 1 against blue colored 5 or 2. The odd chances of winning of 6:5 ratios can be converted to 3:2 chances. Another way of getting 6 or 8 in tougher situation can be done by a player. His expertise in throwing the dice gives him the opportunity to convert the odds of 10:1 to 3:1. 4 and 10 making concern in tougher way can reduce the odds from 8:1 to 3:1.