The blackjack shuffle can have different effects on the actual blackjack game so you need to read the words below in order to understand the concept.

If you are trying to learn card counting online, forget about it. The deck is always shuffled before the game begins so it will be a complete waste of time. You have to play in the surroundings where blackjack shuffle cannot affect you. Based land casinos are the logical choice, but even traditional casinos can have continuous blackjack shuffle machines. It is as if you are trying to count an infinite deck.

If you are the player and you have an Ace, in a 7 deck game there are many cards that value ten to help you get 21. In an infinite deck provided by the blackjack shuffle machines, there is no limit to this type of cards and this can have a big impact on the odds.

Actually, there us a reduction in the house edge if this is the case. The device keeps shuffling the cards on and on and all discards are fed into the machine. When this happens, the house edge is reduced, depending on the number of decks. When the blackjack shuffle devise is use, there is an estimated 0.113% house edge drops on a table with just one deck. As the number of desk increases, the percent lowers. Two decks have 0.063% reduction, while 4 decks have 0.034%. Five and six decks show a reduction of 0.028% and 0.02%. Tables with 8 decks give the lowest percentage: 0.014%.

These numbers show it is recommended to find games with just one deck that use a blackjack shuffle machine, because that is where the house edge has the biggest drop and that can only help the player.

People are usually superstitious and there are times when they tend to think that if a dealer changes the deck, so will their luck. They see a cold deck hotter or a hot deck colder. Actually, it makes no difference regarding the luck of the player, but, after a blackjack shuffle, a few changes in the strategy can be made.

If you want to find advanced tactics and more information about how the blackjack shuffle works, you must try to search forums with blackjack players. They can give you the most accurate information. The concept is very complex and by discussing it with other experienced players; you can understand it much better. They can also direct you to the casinos that fit the profile, because not every casino has a single deck and a shuffle machine and you don’t want to check every single one of them.